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What is IdentiKid?

IdentiKid is a quest to find a ruthless hooligan who was foolish enough to burst your beautiful red balloon. It's a race against time and a challenge for your mind!

The rules are simple:

  • try to remember as many details as you can,
  • recreate characters as closely as possibile,
  • you have three lifelines,
  • five perfect rounds in a row give you a point multiplier, and you get all your lifelines back.

It's really that simple... or is it? Good luck!

Why should you try it?

  • Amazing handmade drawings.
  • Thousands of game outcomes.
  • An opportunity to make your own unique avatar.
  • Exciting achievements. Get them all and call yourself a pro-gamer!

Available on the App Store for iPhone/iPod Available on the App Store for iPad