18th December, 2020

Saige available on Android

Great news everyone! "Saige" is now available on Android!

Our adventure game in cyberpunk style can already be found on Google Play.

Have fun!

11th December, 2020

Saige Offcial Soundtrack

The soundtrack from "Saige" is now available in streaming. You will find it on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and many other services.

The music was written by Dawid Banasiuk and it's awesome!

Enjoy listening.

8th December, 2020

Long time no see

Hi! Long time no see 😉

We have a new version of Saige - an adventure game in the climate of cyberpunk.

The Android version is waiting for Google's approval, but you can already get the updated iOS version. Michał has rewritten the whole game to Unity to make it work better and help with future updates.

Have fun!

13th November, 2020

Strange email received

We've received a strange email today. Normally it would just fall into SPAM category, but since it's Friday the 13th...

The message was as follows:

Project Sunrise - Epsilon Delta Alpha 8h
This document is rated TOP SECRET!
Related projects: Saige

Project Sunrise - Epsilon Delta Alpha 8h

What do you make of it?

Our latest game, Saige, is a narrative game inspired by the absolutely wonderful Lifeline. We wanted to do something similar in mechanics but with more puzzles for the player, more dark SF tone and more choices that can impact on the outcome of the game.

You can get it from the AppStore, for free.

Project Sunrise – Epsilon Delta Alfa 8 h

4th March, 2015

Bridge Bidding Box trailer

We are happy to say that a trailer for Bridge Bidding Box has just been published. Enjoy!

22nd January, 2015

Making sound effects

We are working on sound effects for our adventure game. Did you know that a closing patio door sounds like a gunshot?

25th November, 2014

Epic Quiz in Polish

A new version of Epic Quiz is available! We've added some bug fixes and translated it for our Polish fans. Have fun!

Specjalnie dla polskich fanów Epic Hamstera darmowy Epic Quiz w ojczystym języku. Bawcie się dobrze!

3rd August, 2014

Bidding history in Bridge Bidding Box

Our Bridge Bidding Box has a bidding history feature now. Press the clock icon to check what you have done well and what could have been done better in your last bid.

11th June, 2014

Work in progress

Our newest game is going to be a point-and-click adventure with an exceptional style. Take a look at this short video of Marcin drawing a bag for the game. The bag is going to be one of the crucial elements of the game.

7th April, 2014

Our new project

We are working on our new project. This time only for adults. Stay tuned...

14th February, 2014

Bridge Bidding Box for four

Our Bridge Bidding Box for iPad has a great feature - it allows bidding by four players at once.
Check it out on the App Store, for free!

31st December, 2014

Happy New Year!

We wish you the best scores, the biggest combos and the most entertaining games. Happy New Year!

11th December, 2013

Bridge Trump Indicator on the App Store


We have another small application for all bridge lovers. Check out our Bridge Trump Indicator on the App Store, for free!

Available on the App Store - http://www.epichamster.com/links/BridgeTrumpIndicatorOnAppStore/

10th December, 2013

Epic Quiz Christmas update

Ho! Ho! Ho! We've got some presents for you in Epic Quiz!

First of all - a brand new category, TV Shows, with new tasks and literally hundreds of questions.

But that's not all! We've also prepared new tasks specially for Christmas. How much do you know about Christmas movies and video games?

The update is already available. As always - for free!

9th October, 2013

Epic Quiz an addictive game

Well well well...

iHeartThisApp! made a review of Epic Quiz and stated that "This is an addictive game...". We knew it was fun to play but not that it was SO MUCH fun... ;-)

23rd September, 2013

Bridge Bidding Box on the App Store


We have a small application for all bridge lovers. Check out our Bridge Bidding Box on the App Store, for free!

Available on the App Store - http://www.epichamster.com/links/BridgeBiddingBoxOnAppStore/

14th September, 2013

Epic Quiz on the App Store


It's here, it's now and it's free! Epic Quiz, the best quiz show for iPhone and iPad. If you think you know everything about movies, video games or sports - prove it!

Available on the App Store - http://www.epichamster.com/links/EpicQuizOnAppStore/

20th July, 2013

F1 wallpaper from our next game


This time Marcin drew an F1 racing car. Fortunately, our camera crew was nearby and caught Marcin in the act!

As usual, you can download the result as a wallpapper for your device.

1st June, 2013

Children's Day promotions

All the best to all Children around the world! On the occasion of Children's Day we're doing a promotion of IdentiKid games. Check it out!

11th March, 2013

Red Devils wallpaper from our next game

Hi again!

We are working on our next game and one of the images we needed was about Red Devils. Check out this short video of Marcin drawing it.

And if you want, you can download the result as a wallpapper for your device.

2nd September, 2012

Red band trailer for IdentiKid

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that red band trailer for IdentiKid has just been published. Szymon spared a bit of his free time and made this funny piece of cinematography. Now, all we need is a voice over done by the Trailer Guy. ;)